Montana Treasures

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We’re excited that you’re coming to our rock show in Billings, Montana! This site will be updated as we have new details to provide you before you arrive in August. You can stop by and visit any time.

If you don’t want to miss out on anything new — especially if we schedule more field trips — please subscribe. That will be the best way to find out what is happening so you can better plan your trip.

We also recommend that you visit Yellowstone National Park southwest of us or Glacier National Park northwest of Billings on your way to or from the show. They are both outstanding!

Advance Registration

If you are attending any of the following AFMS or NFMS meetings, you must register in advance to reserve your spot.

Saturday August 5, 12:00–2:00 pm

AFMS & NFMS Luncheon

Saturday August 5, 7:00–10:00 pm, Ballroom

Banquet & Awards Dinner

Sunday August 6, 9:00–11:30 am

Editors/Webmasters Breakfast Buffet


Schedule of Meetings

Wednesday, August 2

Display Case Setup

10:00 am – 8:00 pm, Show Room

(help available if needed)

Thursday, August 3

AFMS Uniform Rules Meeting
8:00 am – 11:00 am, Madison Room

Competitive Exhibit Judges
8:00 am – 5:00 pm, Parlor Room

AFMS Annual Meeting & Scholarship Meeting
1:00 pm – 4:00 pm, Madison Room

Friday, August 4

NFMS Annual Meeting
1:00 pm – 4:00 pm, Madison Room

Saturday, August 5

NFMS Juniors Cracker Barrel

8:30 am – 10:00 am, Parlor Room

AFMS/NFMS Luncheon

12:00 pm – 2:00 pm, Ballroom

AFMS/NFMS Social Hour

6:00 pm – 7:00 pm, Ballroom

AFMS/NFMS Banquet & Awards Dinner

7:00 pm – 10:00 pm, Ballroom

Sunday, August 6

Editors/Webmasters Breakfast

9:00 am – 11:30 am, Ballroom

ALAA Meeting
1:00 pm – 2:00 pm, Parlor Room

Live Auction to Benefit NFMS & ALAA
2:00 pm – 3:00 pm, Madison Room

Register Your Rock Exhibit!

You may enter a non-competitive exhibit or a competitive exhibit. You must register using the correct form. Competitive exhibits will be judged by the NFMS and the winners will be awarded trophies.

Registration Deadline: July 1, 2023 (registration now closed)

Exhibit Setup: Wed., August 2, 2023, 10am – 8pm

Questions? email

Hurry! Space is limited. Registrations are first come, first served.

Speakers and Events

Presentation: Terrible T-Rex: Lifestyles of a Mesozoic Legend

Terrible T-Rex: Lifestyles of a Mesozoic Legend

Nate L. Murphy

Fossil Exploration & Preparation, Dino Lab
Fri. Aug. 4, 10:00–11:00 am, Madison Room

Everything you wanted to know about Tyrannosaurus Rex but were afraid to ask!
Learn more on Facebook and let us know you’re coming!

Theo Kellison Meet & Greet

Theo Kellison

YouTube ‘Rock’ Star and Rock Artist
Fri. Aug. 4, 11:30 am–12:30 pm, Madison Room

Theo Kellison is well known in the rockhounding community for being an inclusive and adventurous personality. Learning and discovering never stop on his YouTube channel. He makes all things ‘rocks’ enjoyable and accessible to his viewers. Come meet Theo in person and get your burning questions answered!
Learn more on Facebook and let us know you’re coming!

Event: Theo Kellison Meet & Greet
Presentation: Quartz Twins From the PC Mine

Quartz Twins From the PC Mine

Pete Knudsen, PhD

Professor Emeritus Mining Engineering (Retired)

Montana Technological University
Sat. Aug. 5, 11:00 am–12:00 pm, Madison Room

Quartz Twins and Other Minerals From the PC Mine in Jefferson County, Montana.
Learn more on Facebook and let us know you’re coming!

A New Look at Old-Fashioned Dinosaurs

Scott Hartman, PhD

Paleontologist, UW–Madison
Sat. Aug. 5, 1:00–2:00 pm, Madison Room

From 80-ton giants to small enough to stand on your hand, to whether they were good parents, how fast they grew, which ones weren’t scaly, and which ones were warm-blooded, join UW-Madison paleontologist Scott Hartman as we explore how the last 25 years of research and discovery have fundamentally altered our understanding of dinosaurs.
Learn more on Facebook and let us know you’re coming!

A New Look at Old-Fashioned Dinosaurs
Presentation: Online Marketing Strategies

Online Marketing Strategies

Thea Marie

Content Creator & Marketing Specialist
Sat. Aug. 5, 3:00–4:30 pm, Ballroom

This workshop will guide you to successfully manage your social media and marketing strategies so they work. Includes Rock Resources for rock clubs but all businesses and clubs are welcome to attend.

Dinosaurs: TV vs Real Life

Scott Hartman, PhD

Paleontologist, UW–Madison
Sun. Aug. 6, 12:30–1:30 pm, Madison Room

Have you watched Dinosaur Train on TV? The Land Before Time? Ice Age? Maybe Jurassic Park? How about recent dinosaur documentaries? Join UW–Madison paleontologist, Scott Hartman, for a behind-the-scenes look at how these projects are made, and how TV and movie dinosaurs often differ from our modern understanding of dinosaurs.

Presentation created with kids in mind — everyone welcome!
Learn more on Facebook and let us know you’re coming!

Presentation of Dinosaurs: TV vs Real Life

Highlights of

Montana Treasures

Billings Gem & Mineral Show Hosts the NFMS and AFMS Conventions


24 vendors of minerals, fossils, crystals, gemstones, jewelry, and more.


Attend one of our stupendous presentations on dinosaurs, crystals, and more.


28 non-competitive and competitive rock displays from all over the country.

Field Trips

Several trips are scheduled the week after the show for agates, fossils, and more.

Questions? Contact Our Guest Liaison (406) 200-8778

Montana Field Trips

What’s a trip to Montana without going rock hunting? We have several trips finalized and a few tentative. Signups will be taken during the show.

Field trips planned:

  • Mon. Aug. 7: Bear Canyon Agate
  • Tue. Aug. 8: Bear Paw Formation - Shale Fossils
  • Wed. Aug. 9: Montana Agate on Yellowstone River Valley*
  • Wed. Aug. 9: Cowboy Dinosaur Digs
    10–20 people, $125/adult (group rate fee), kids 10 and under free, visit website for more details†
  • Thu. or Fri. Aug. 10 or 11: Cedar Creek Anticline – Marine Fossils*
  • Fri. Aug. 11: Montana Agate on Yellowstone River Valley*
  • Fri. Aug. 11: Cowboy Dinosaur Digs
    10–20 people, $125/adult (group rate), kids 10 and under free, visit website for more details.†

* Tentative depending on water level. We will do our best to arrange an alternate field trip in the event of a cancelation due to rain or high water levels but we can’t make promises at this time.

Min. of 10 signups per group. Friday trip only if Wednesday trip fills up.

Questions? eMail us at

Important: No dogs allowed on field trips.

Show Room

Main Show Features:

  • 26 vendors from the Rocky Mountain region
  • Silent Auction of a large variety of specimens
  • Over 30 raffled items of gems, minerals, jewelry, and more
  • 28 displays of minerals from around the country
  • Kids’: Wheel of Fortune, Silent Auction, Rock Bags, Gem Scoop

Special Exhibits:

  • Judith River Dinosaur Institute
  • Carter County Museum
  • Scott Hartman Dinosaur Art
  • Wyoming Dinosaur Center
  • Bureau of Land Management (BLM)
  • Museum of the Rockies

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Who We Are

Billings Gem & Mineral Club

We are a bunch of rock lovers (like you) committed to hunting, digging, and admiring our geologic finds all over Montana. Since 1959, we have helped many of our fellow rockhounds come out of the closet and learn to embrace their passion for rocks without shame!

Montana is a great place to rockhound because there is an abundance of geological features to view, eras to investigate, and types of rocks to be found. Agates, jasper, fossils, crystals, dinosaur bones, Indian artifacts, and more.

We are delighted to have you visit us!

What to Do in Billings

When You’re Not at the Show

This video was made by Josh with ‘Through My Lens’ and he did a great job of covering many of the main highlights of our fun city.

If you have questions, call our Guest Liaison

Kathie Burke ‭(406) 200-8778‬

Frequently Asked Questions

What is there to do in Billings?

Head to Visit Billings’ website and find the perfect activities for you.

Watch the video above for some highlights.

Where can I stay during the show?

The Billings Hotel & Convention Center of course! Show rate is $109.

Visit the Billings Hotel’s special booking page or call (406) 248-7151.

What is there to do in Montana?

There is so much to do in our big state that you won’t be able to do it all!

Go to Visit Montana’s website to plan your perfect vacation.

Need to Contact Guest Support?
(406) 200-8778 or

RV Campgrounds

There is very limited availability for RV Campgrounds in and around Billings so book early!

Billings, Montana

Columbus, Montana

Red Lodge, Montana

Where It’s Happening…

Billings Hotel & Convention Center
Show Entrance is on East Side. You can’t access the show through the hotel until you have a paid wristband.

Show Schedule

Thu. Aug. 3     10:00am–5:00pm

Fri. Aug. 4        10:00am–5:00pm

Sat. Aug 5         10:00am–5:00pm

Sun. Aug. 6       10:00am–4:00pm


Or Leave a Message at (406) 200-8778